Eagles v Drones

So once again the news and social media sites were all over a story where a Dutch Company has trained an eagle to take down “rogue” drones.

Not only do I consider this to be an expensive waste of time (for reasons listed below), it also feeds into the constant “drones are bad dialogue”.

So, why is training eagles to catch drones a bad idea?

Well firstly there’s the animals welfare to look at. The only drone I’ve seen this eagle take out is a small light quadcopter, which was immediately powered down when the eagle grasped it. What would happen if the drone pilot fought back, increased power, had a larger drone or used carbon props? Surely the bird could get seriously injured.

Secondly, how confidant is the trainer that the eagle is capable of getting the drone under control and landing safely with the drone still in its grasp? Surely a drone being flown where it shouldn’t is still less of a risk to those on the ground than a damaged drone crashing to the ground after an aerial battle with a hawk!

Surely the best way to protect an area from incursion by a drone is another drone.

There are many companies out there now which are developing and using drones that carry out perimeter surveillance. Many are working on methods of capturing other drones that incur their airspace. This surely has to be a cheaper and safer way to protect our skies.

But the media love to hate on drones and an eagle taking out a drone is far more newsworthy. 


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