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Aerial PhotographyThe Panasonic GH4 is a well-respected MSLR camera capable of 4K video capture. Our Altura Zenith carries the GH4 on a 3 axis brushless gimbal. This gives us super sharp & stable results.

It can perform in higher winds & wetter conditions than most other drones currently on the market. Being a dual operating system the pilot is able to concentrate on the safe flight of the aircraft whilst the cameraman is able to concentrate on their art.

With the ability to track over rough ground, obstacles & water we can get footage never before achievable without great effort & cost.

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To capture your event from a unique viewpoint will always make a difference. Charity Runs, Weddings & Sporting events can be captured in a way not possible before. With safety as key is able to get up close to the action as well as offer breathtaking overviews.

Forward planning is key to a safe photo/film shoot.

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"Great service, thanks very much for a great service my wife was extremely thrilled with the footage of our new house" Peter - Warwickshire

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