Aerial Photography

aerial photography

You can quite literally widen your horizons when shooting stills with a drone. Not only do you gain a unique perspective from which to get a great shot but also a lot of landscape can be captured when hovering at 400ft.

The Altura Zenith is an outstanding drone; it can perform in higher winds and wetter conditions than most other drones currently on the market. Being a dual operating system the pilot is able to concentrate on the safe flight of the aircraft whilst the cameraman is able to concentrate on their art.

Drones are redefining photography by being able to access areas previously impossible, too dangerous or too costly.

Estate Agents

Any decent sized property advert these days will have an aerial photograph or even short video within it. The prospective buyers can get a better idea of the layout of the property and its relationship with the land around it.

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"Great service, thanks very much for a great service my wife was extremely thrilled with the footage of our new house" Peter - Warwickshire

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